Puebla, México

25-29 September 2022

Enjoy the Universe!


Note: We kindly request the use of face masks at all times while you are inside the conference room.

Monday (Chair: Magui Pereyra)

9:30 François Gonzalez -- SVOM Project Status

10:00 François Dolon -- COLIBRI Project Status

11:00 Simona Lombardo -- Fast detection and follow-up of high-energy transients with COLIBRÌ

11:30 Arnaud Claret -- SVOM science center, one year before launch

Tuesday (Chair: Diego López Cámara)

9:00 Gerardo Urrutia -- Gravitational Waves from Long Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovae

9:30 Mauricio Elías -- Estimation of the Cosmic Star Formation Rate of the Universe using Long-Gamma Ray Bursts

10:00 Leonardo García -- The evolution of relativistic jets through the magnetized medium produced by the fusion of two neutron stars

11:00 Rosalia Langarica -- Status of the DDRAGO wide-field imager for the COLIBRÍ telescope

11:30 Chrystel Moreau -- Demonstration of the interface of COLIBRÍ

Wednesday (Chair: Gerardo Urrutia)

9:00 Diego Lopez-Cámara -- La evolución estelar sobre la MESA

9:15 Keneth Garcia -- Classification of GRBs using Machine Learning Techniques

9:30 Stéphane Basa -- ELIXIR, a wide field telescope at the OHP

10:00 Alan Watson -- Whither COATLI?

11:00 Diego González -- Study of the accretion disk of AGNs through intense Reverberation mapping

11:30 Felipe Ventura -- Simulations of strongly interacting SNe

12:00 Alejandro González -- The relevance of electromagnetic properties of neutrino in Astrophysics and Cosmology

12:30 Nissim Fraija -- Modelling flares, breaks, and energetic photons in GRB Fermi-LAT Light curves

Thursday (Chair: Simona Lombardo)

9:00 Rosa Becerra -- Deciphering the unusual stellar progenitor of GRB 210704A

9:30 Enrique Moreno -- Formation of BHs in the PISN mass gap through triple systems with Hypercritical Accretion

10:00 Fabio De Colle -- How to get the most out of astrophysical data


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