Puebla, México

25-29 September 2022

Enjoy the Universe!


COLIBRÍ is a new Franco-Mexican 1.3 meter telescope that will be installed in the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional in San Pedro Mártir, México in 2023. To strengthen and broaden collaboration between the two scientific communities around COLIBRÍ, France and México have created the ERIDANUS International Associated Laboratory (LIA). In the 4th LIA ERIDANUS Workshop we will discuss:

  • Use of COLIBRÍ to study gamma-ray bursts detected by SVOM and other satellites.

  • Use of COLIBRÍ to study the transient universe beyond GRBs, including neutrino and gravitational-wave sources, AGNs, exoplanets, variable stars, and other sources.

  • Current and future theoretical models that give context to COLIBRÍ observations.

  • The scientific goals and design of the spectrograph for COLIBRÍ.

The workshop has funds to cover accommodation (for the four nights starting on 25 September), breakfasts, lunches, and the cultural visit to Cholula for 40 attendees. In the event that more people register, we will ask more senior researchers to fund their own accommodation and meals at a cost of about 9240 pesos or 440 euros. Attendees will need to fund their own travel to Puebla, any additional nights at the hotel, and the costs of companions staying with them at the hotel.

Puebla can be reached from Europe by flying to Mexico City and then taking a bus from the airport to Puebla. The journey time from Mexico City to Puebla is about two hours. We will provide more detailed instructions closer to the workshop.

The workshop follows on from the three successful workshop held in Toulouse in June 2019, virtually in September 2020 and November 2021.

Listen again the talks presented in the last edition visiting our YouTube channel HERE.



  • Stéphane Basa (LAM) (co-chair)

  • Alan Watson (IA) (co-chair)

  • Jean-Luc Atteia (IRAP)

  • Rosa Becerra (ICN)

  • William Lee (IA)

  • Susanna Vergani (CNRS - Observatoire de Paris)

  • Sarah Antier (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur)

  • Fabio De Colle (ICN)


  • Alan Watson (IA) (co-chair)

  • Rosa Becerra (ICN) (co-chair)

  • Gerardo Urrutia (ICN)

  • Keneth Garcia (ICN)


Calle 7 Poniente No. 105 Col. Centro Histórico, H. Puebla de Z., Puebla. CP 72000


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